Company Overview

Corpclo Plant stands as a dynamic industrial enterprise, established and headquartered in Steelpoort, Limpopo. Its inception, spearheaded by Allan Mabuza with an extensive 18-year background in transport, plant hire, and mining services sectors, came as a response to unmet demands in the plant hire market within the greater Limpopo region.

As the favoured equipment suppliers across Limpopo, we cater to the following needs:

As the favoured equipment suppliers across Limpopo, we cater to the following needs:

Equipment Dry Hire

Plant And
Transport Solutions

Corpclo Plant leads the way in providing comprehensive and professional services for plant and transport hire. Our team of skilled and certified personnel ensures a seamless and efficient progression of your projects.

Our extensive fleet comprises the following vehicles and machinery:

Our support capabilities encom- pass a wide range of services, including:

Maintenance Support


At Corpclo, our headquarters serve as the central hub for maintenance support, catering to the servicing, repairing, and fitting-out of equipment according to site-specific or mining specifications across our extensive fleet. Our 12,000m2 facility also houses our head office, administration support team, and a comprehensive inventory of parts, bolstering our fleet operations.


Health & Services

Environmental Impact

At Corpclo, environmental consciousness holds the utmost importance in every aspect of our work. We recognize the potential impact our operations and projects can have on the environment and, therefore, diligently implement programs and policies aimed at minimizing adverse effects. Our focus is on adopting construction methods and materials that promote a greener project construc- tion process.

Health & Safety

At Corpclo, we take a proactive approach in fostering a safe working environment, prioritizing the well-being of our employees and the communities in the areas of our operations. Our paramount strategic objective is to achieve “zero harm,” placing the utmost importance on the safety and health of our workforce.

Fully Maintained Fleet Solutions

Plant And Transport

Corpclo offers a comprehensive fully maintained fleet solution, allowing you to focus on your mining operations while we ensure the equipment operates reliably and efficiently. This pack- age preserves your capital and eliminates any residual value risk, giving you the flexibility to invest in growing your business.

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